Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.

Press & Media

We welcome our friends in the media!

Looking for Press Passes to the con? If you’re a media entity (blogger, tv/radio, podcaster, dorky reporter by day and superhero by night), we’d like to consider offering you a badge, so you can spread the good word about Hypericon, share the events and guests with your audience and engage the community in the fandom experience, beyond the walls of the show!

Apply today to cover Hypericon!

We recognize the diversity in fandom media as well as the interest in adding color to “traditional” outlets. Our team will be happy to help facilitate the coverage and stories you need, before the convention, onsite, and beyond!

Click here to apply for a Press Pass, and we will be in touch with you soon!

(Be sure you’ve had communication with us prior to the convention before you arrive. Submission of an application is not an automatic confirmation.)