Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.

Events & Panels

Over 120 Hours of Events!

We present the most unique content, created by fans and for fans. Hypericon features multiple rooms, many of which run late into the night or never close. Any time of day or night, there is something to do or see!

Probably the most remarkable thing about Hypericon is our Signature Event lineup! We’re planning some entertaining new programming as well as the reutrn of some old faves! A few of those unique diversions are previewed here, with more to come!

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Yearly Signature Events

Opening Ceremonies

Meet the awesome (but questionably nuts) staff and hosts for your weekend boyage on the USS Hypericon, as well some of our Guests of Honor. Get the skinny on all the latest news or updates as we kick off, and learn more about the highlights of our event.

Hypericon Cosplay Showcase

The cosplay contest, reimagined.

We set out to take the best of Cosplay and enhance it, the least desirable aspects and eliminate them, and the fun – amplify it! Our new approach to Cosplay competition will honor presentation as well as craftsmanship, while keeping participation and judging simple and accessible to all. We hope you’ll join in, and with a prize like a $500 Gift Card for a Barnes & Noble shopping spree, we are certain it will be worth your while! Click here for entry and detailed information!

Talkin’ Dead

We put a Nashville twist on everyone’s favorite zombie talk show! Hosted by our own architect of Hypericon: Next Gen, Lucas Leverett, Talkin’ Dead will assemble a small panel on the couch to talk all things Dead – Walking and Fear – as well as general buzz in the genre. We’re even likely to offer up some trivia as well!

Closing Cremonies

Time for one last hurrah! We’ll wrap up the weekend, thank our guests, and take care of any last-minute awards, free stuff, and other things you don’t wanna miss before you hit the road!

Luau Pool Party

Yes! A luau! How many conventions have you been to which feature a luau? Grab your most ridiculous Hawaiian shirt and join us for this festive, memorial, charity event. The festivities consist of two functions: the Luau Dinner in our ConSuite, and the Luau Pool Party, poolside. Both will feature a donation jar for a beloved charity. This event was created in honor of the late Fred Grimm, Hypericon founder and beloved member of the geek community, who had an affinity for those shirts!

Surprise Q&A

They don’t know who they will be. We don’t either! But we will ambush some guests, staff, and perhaps the guy from the mailroom, and draw zany as well as serious questions for the panel from a very special hat, while the audience looks on for the delrious 11th-hour chaos! Always a riot, this panel is a traditional fave.

Burlesque Cabaret

Hypericon presents The Burlesque Cabaret! Award-winning con favorite Big Daddy Cool serves as Magical Emcee and host! Crystal Starr thrills with sideshow stunts and astounding physical feats! Ginger Oh Snap and Marie Merlot add a touch of class, and our new Kitten, Sarah Neathery will join them on stage Special headliner Diletta Delight brings her charms to Hypericon for your entertainment pleasure as well! 18+, no photo or video, please.

Previous Special Events

Storytelling Through Film & TV Music

A brilliant hour-long journey into film and TV scores, featuring the architect of the Disney music renaissance, Andy Hill – thirty-year veteran of the film and television music industry and former vice- president of music production for Walt Disney Studios. Explore the role of music scores in genre storytelling and beyond with accomplished composers.

GMX Presents: Geek Slam

Geek Slam is an original live improv event where Cosplayers compete in a battle of wits, taking the stage and taking turns throwing their best insults at each other until a winner is picked by the audience. The last Cosplayer standing in the 16-person bracket will be crowned Geek Slam Champion!

Heroes Never Die – First Public Screening

Mercy joins the fight against Widowmaker to ensure that Heroes Never Die in a critically-acclaimed tale, burning up YouTube since its May 1st release. Now you can see the film in a darkened theater, hosted by the cast and creators – exclusively at Hypericon!

The Goblin King’s Ball: Purple Masquerade

You remind me of the babe…

Mix and mingle at this year’s dance – The Goblin King’s Ball! Celebrate the weirdness and artistry made fab by the one and only David Bowie, in this themed affair. While you’re at it, throw in a twist of The Artist himself, and honor The Purple One, Prince! Shine up that crystal and bone up on your juggling, grab a raspberry beret and groove with us!

Hypericon Science Theater 3000

Hang out with some of our witty guests and staff as we heckle a couple of our cheesy faves, and even a new piece of beloved culture as well! You won’t see us, but we’ll be there in silhouette. Stay up late with us and have some laughs!

This is a drop-in event, so feel free to come and go, add a drink to your tab, and re-join us along the way. We promise to attempt to be only so offensive, but there are no guarantees, so don’t bring the clergy or the kids! (Unless they’re, you know, crazy like us!)