Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.


You need Badges for Hypericon?

We have your badges to attend Hypericon! To obtain a badge, you’ll need to register at one of the affordable levels outlined below.

Three-Day Early Bird and Advance Registrations include a full-size badge, featuring our limited-edition convention artwork for the year.

Single-Day, Reserved and At-Door Registration include a basic badge.

With specials, there’s something affordable for everyone! Register a group, become an Infinity Member (and get the awesome laser-etched badge), or help contribute to the convention through sponsorship!

Early Bird

Open NOW!

$35 Three-Day

Sale Price Through March 31, 2019


May 5th - June 5th

$40 Three-Day
$25 One-Day

Through June 31, 2018


During Event

$52 Three-Day
$32 One-Day

Available at Registration Desk

Mezzanine Room Vending Registration

Artists, Crafters, Authors, and Makers you can vend from your first or 2nd floor Mezzanine room for $30. Fill out the application on the Vendor Page to apply, upon acceptance you receive a code to pay through PayPal.

Includes a three-day badge. ($50 value)



Permanent badge, lanyard, and a host of VIP benefits! NOTE: If purchased after June 1, your permanent badge may be delayed, resulting in a temporary badge at the convention.

Groups and More:

Bring A Group!

Add three friends at a great rate!

Bring along three more pals, making your four-person adventuring party an even $120. That’s just $30 each for all three days of the fun at Hypericon! Look for this option under the Advance Three Day Registration. (Not available on Early Bird Registration tier.)

More Info:

Some Basics:

Registration sales are final. No refunds. You may request to roll your registration over to next year, at our discretion, or ask for a transfer to a new person, if requested before June 1.

Registration sales are final. No refunds. You may reuqest to roll your registration over to next year, at our discretion, or ask for a transfer to a new person, if requested before June 1.

Family Packs are available for $40 additional. This allows up to 3 kids (age 7-10) to accompany an adult.

Kids 6 and under are admitted to Hypericon for free. At-door kids badges for ages 7-12 will be available for $20. Over 12 is considered a full price badge. There is no single-day kids badge.

Minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult willing to claim them. Unruly children and their accompanying adults may be asked to leave. We used to ship them off to the Spice Mines, but they’re full now.

You may be photographed and/or recorded on video by our staff (or minions), in addition to other congoers or the media. While you’re welcome to request that someone leave you out of the shot, you are not guaranteed avoidance of visual documentation. Your purchase of a badge for Hypericon implies your acceptance of this and you waive any right of compensation for the use of your image, or your performance of convention activities, creative or otherwise.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers! Take a look below for the satisfaction of some common curiosities.

Why so cheap?

Cheap? Hardly. We prefer the approach of “inexpensive.” For us, the aim is to keep the cost of having a great convention experience as resonable as possible. Sure, there are some huge things that could be done if we charged you $100 for the weekend, but Hypericon is intended to be an affordable, accessible, welcoming place for all, and that includes a great low price for access.

How come there isn't a two-day badge?

Do the math. It wouldn’t be a very good deal. But in all seriousness, sales of two-day badges tend to be very low. Most folks do the one day or three. Some conventions only offer the full three-day, but we want our gamers to be able to choose a day to make their own, so we offer that option.

So when does a one-day badge expire?

Any one-day badge is good until opening time of registration the following day. Yes, this means it’s good for late-night party time.

What's up with the fees?

We use Eventbrite for badge sales, and they do charge a very small fee for processing these registrations. The features of Eventbrite are well worth it for both organizers and attendees, and we only pass on the fee for the service, not the credit card processing fee. We’re essentially splitting the fees from Eventbrite with you, and we’re taking on the one that tends to be larger.

Where does the money go? Y'all getting rich on me?

While Nashville’s hotels are certainly not suffering right now, all costs of attending conventions tend to go into making it possible to host them at all. For instance, if we didn’t book hotel room blocks, our rental of the space would not be discounted, so your room helps make the venue possible to be used.

Your registration fees are the direct lifeblood of the event, alongside the dealer’s table fees. This funding helps pay for our amazing Con Suite and all the other resources (guest costs, A/V, materials, promotion, this beautiful website…) and such.

Currently, nobody is paid to help run Hypericon, but if we’re ever big enough to need to pay someone, you can bet they’re going to be working hard for you every day.

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