Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.

Social Missions

“Enrichment Through Geekery”

The geeks have inherited the Earth. Everywhere you turn, there is a piece of what used to be a niche culture of comic books, science fiction, fantasy, horror, games on screens and tables, and other fare now seen as “mainstream.” Plenty of events and brands have come into the geek tribe to prosper among what is now seen as “cool.”

We are ecstatic to be involved in such a vibrant “geek economy,” and to carry the banner or philanthropic aims and social responsibility. The fan convention market enjoys a vibrant symbiosis between big-money corporate events and grassroots community gathering points. Our efforts and activities bring education and charitable support into the this thriving culture.

Promoting Literacy Through Popular Arts

Behind the whiz-bang and flash of big-screen heroes, endless hours of genre TV and game controllers… is a story. Our DNA is that of the written word and the narrated gaming experience. Everything is a story regardless of medium. We seek to remind our fast-moving modern culture of the core function of literacy in daily life and enrichment of the mind and soul.

In addition to this core value, we seek to steward the roots of our pop culture for all ages to enrich their understanding of popular lore. With such vast genre universes in play, providing a gathering place for the exploration of the past, present, and future of these is a key role for fandom conventions like Hypericon.


Supporting Makers

Our event is co-presented by our organization (Frontiers Nashville) and Make Nashville. Their mission is to “provide the community, training, tools, and opportunity for everyone to experience the transformative experience of making” helping more people make, and helping makers make more. This vibrant culture of creativity and craft is essential to many new aspects of the economy and the arts. Make Nashville operates a year-round maker space and produces the annual Nashville Mini Maker Fair.

Making Connections

Even the most famed Guests of Honor at a Hypericon are encouraged to serve as guiding hands to those who are aspiring to, or working within their craft. We feature balanced programming between education, entertainment, and workshops to help serve the expansion of talents and awareness. Independent projects in film and literature are often featured and fostered during our three days. For those asking “WHAT IF…” we are a hub for fans and creators.

Connecting To Our Library

A great library is a major foundation for all arts and humanities. We’re backing the Nashville Public Library Foundation in their mission of “supporting and empowering one of our city’s greatest resources – the Nashville Public Library.” Through their outreach, the NPLF benefits the quest for literacy in incomparable ways and we are hosting events specifically structured to channel donations to this vital quest: our Charity Luau and our Silent Auction.

“No one should ever have to choose between food and fandom.”

This was a creed established by our Convention Chair, Stephania Grimm, at the founding stages of Hypericon.

Because of this desire to empower our peers with a worry-free experience at our event, we have maintained a tradition of providing a premium convention hospitality suite with real food. Often, this fare is made possible by generous donations from local merchants and restaurants, or made possible through the revenue of our generous sponsors. The fellowship and resource of our Con Suite has been unrivaled in the region, and we pride ourselves on this extension of hospitality to our patrons.

This area is a nice supplement to to the options of our host venue. For those who can, we compliment the ample beverage and food options avialble onsite, and we strive to keep those affordable as well by working closely with our hosts on menus and pricing.