Hypericon | Nashville, Tennessee

A weekend popular arts conference; festively uniting creators, makers, and performers with those who appreciate and aspire to their craft.

Hypericon Cosplay Showcase

The cosplay contest, reimagined – like no other.

We set out to take the best of Cosplay and enhance it, the least desirable aspects and eliminate them, and the fun – amplify it!

And we succeeded.

Our approach to Cosplay competition honors presentation as well as craftsmanship, while keeping participation and judging simple and accessible to all. We hope you’ll join in, and with a prize like a $500 Gift Card for a Barnes & Noble shopping spree, we are certain it will be worth your while! In 2017, we also awarded the Master Class winner a 90-day membership to Make Nashville, and the Craftsmanship winner a private photoshoot at Nossi College of Art!

Signups are closed. Walk-on is available to those who have missed out, but juding will not apply.

Easy scoring.

Our judges – representing performance, crafting, costuming, and media creation backgrounds – will use a three-criteria system with 30 points available per item, to score a total of 90 points available by judge scoring. We then score the reaction of the audience on a scale of 1-10, and those possible 10 points are combined to produce a 100-point max score. In the event of a tie, we remove the audience score so it is never used as the tie-breaker for a tight competition!

  • Costume
  • General Effect
  • Accuracy/Originality
  • Audience Reaction

Judge Criteria:

30pts Costume (Including craftsmanship, fit, quality, etc.)
30pts General Effect (Poise, presentation, characterization, gimmicks/sfx, etc.)
30pts Accuracy/Originality (Details, creativity, theme representation, etc.)

Audience Criteria:

10pts We will measure the audience’s reations (enthusiasm, shock, disappointment, awe, yawns…) and round out the total of 100 possible points. This means you should be sure to have your friends rooting for you, and play to crowd as you see fit!

Contestants will be introduced by our emcee, walk the runway through an intimate audience seating experience, and then pose for the judges for a close look. The application process will give an opportunity for any craftsmanship recognition or introduction specifics that should be mentioned.

We don’t disqualify those who didn’t make their costume. All we ask is that you are honest on your applicaton, and that a crafter is submitted if you’re putting them in the running for the Craftsmanship Award.

Fun categories and prizes!

The crown jewel is the $500 Barnes & Noble gift card, and the other top prizes from Make Nashville and Nossi, but we will offer a host of prizes to award to a variety of categories. Here are some examples of award categories we typically include:


$500 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Awarded to the best all-around, availabe to Novice and Journeyman level contestants.


2017 Prize: Private Photoshoot at Nossi College of Art

Awarded to the finest handmade quality and detail among all contestants.


2017 Prize: 90-Day Membership to Make Nashville

Those who are professional or Master-level costumers are recognized in this category

Runner Up

Second place winner.

Honorable Mention

Not out of the spotlight by any means!

Best Group

Form an adventuring party and see if you can bring home some treasure!

Most Original

Mash-up? Original character? Awesome!

Best Star Wars

The Force is with us, always, so let’s award for it. Or the dark side. Whichever!

Best Kid

Because geeklings rock!

Funny Bone

Jokers aren’t just in Arkham.

Crowd Favorite

Play to crowd to win this one!

Best Worst

Admit it. You always wanted to win for taking a Sharpie to a tee shirt. Now’s your chance!