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DJ Swag Commander



DJ Swag Commander (Eugene Bolton) is a time traveler, born in the early 1950s, but passing through this world via an assortment of time portals from the Victorian age, to the Edwardian Age, to the Swing era, and to this modern era. Finding that, while he enjoys the conveniences and much of the technology of the modern era, he prefers the style, the looks, and the music of the past (The Vintage.) As a DJ he specializes in vintage and neo-vintage (swing and electro swing) music – although he plays more as well – for weddings, cons, and other events.

He is a man of style, who dresses not according to the fashion of the day, but in styles of The Vintage, always trying to put forth the best swag. As a result he was nicknamed Swag Commander by someone at work and he adopted that as his DJ name.

Living in a world he does not fully identify with, he dabbles in alternate history/retro-futuristic realities of Steampunk and Dieselpunk, promotes and promulgates Electro Swing music, DJs vintage and neo-vintage music and also unites souls as an ordained minister/wedding officiant (d.b.a. Swag Weddings.)

Professionally he is a civil servant, working for the State of Tennessee. His hobby is clock collecting. He is also Founder/Director of Music City Steampunk Consortium. He is what you might call a Renaissance man.

He is not a man of means. He is not a man of looks. He is a man of some fair education and intelligence. But he is a humble man, proud of his humility and of his very own swag.