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John Lasiter

Actor and Activist, JOHN LASITER

Actor and Activist, JOHN LASITER

With nearly 15 major theatre production lead/supporting roles, featured tv roles in hit shows like Dexter, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother to name a few, John Lasiter has also performed in a guest role on ABC’s Nashville, on-stage appearances with legendary actors like Martin Sheen, and music royalty like Ricky Skaggs, Wynonna Judd, and Sitcom star Joyce Dewitt. John was hand-picked by director James Burrows to be featured in a pilot starring Richard Dreyfus, Mary Stienbergen, and Jason Biggs.

Lasiter played the role of the flamboyant personal assistant to Hannah Montana’s arch enemy in the feature film, spent 14 days working on Iron Man 2, several more days on Angels & Demons and featured background roles in the Backup Plan starring Jennifer Lopez. John played a recurring role as a featured triage nurse in Hawthorne, starring Jada Pickett, and spent 8 hours on set as a VIP club kid for a drunk-driving PSA produced by E! where he became acquainted with Kim Kardashian, Cloe and Courtney Kardashian, Flo Rida, and Ryan Secrest.

Born in Brunswick, Maine to a single mother with little income, John was put up for adoption and three months later was flown to Modesto, California to meet his new family. Growing up in a Seventh Day Adventist home, he attended Modesto Adventist Academy from kindergarten through high school graduation. Quickly after graduation John jumped head first into life. John began working at The State Theatre made famous by fellow Modestan George Lucas in American Graffiti. He started out making popcorn and serving sodas, but was quickly promoted to a member of the senior management team. He helped produce countless live events including Merle Haggard, Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne and George Jones, who told Lasiter if he ever moved to Nashville, he would never be able to leave. Working with so many Nashville based artists and legends gave John the idea that Tennessee may be the next step in his career.

John moved to Nashville and his love for this great city began. He worked as a prevention educator at Nashville CARES, Middle Tennessee’s largest HIV/AIDS organization. In October 2012 his passion for helping those in need was elevated to another level. He traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to work in an orphanage serving children who lost their parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. His trip inspired him to start a nonprofit called Planet|Nashville. His goal is to send those who may want to make a difference in Africa, but like many, are overwhelmed by the extreme task of traveling to a developing country. In 2013 his organization successfully sent their first two Nashvillians to Nairobi and fall 2016 Planet|Nashville sent 4 to Nairobi and 2 to India to begin establishing a base for future missions. 3 months after returning from his 2012 trip to Kenya, John announced his bid for an at-large position on Nashville Metro Council. Though ultimately coming up short in the election, John has remained involved in city government recently receiving a Mayoral appointment to the board of NECAT (public access television). Most recently the Celebrate Nashville Cultural festival and Metro Human Relations Commission have tapped Lasiter to produce World Music Night at the Ryman auditorium. This one of kind live event will involve the many forms of cultural art and artists in Davidson County. John currently works as Communications Director for Vanderbilt University’s Barnes & Noble where he has found the perfect balance of art, production, and community involvement he loves.