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Television & Film Guest of Honor, Nicholas Brendon

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Nicholas Brendon is an American actor and writer. He was born three minutes after his identical twin brother, actor Kelly Donovan on April 12, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. He attended Chatsworth High School, where he was also a starter on the baseball team. He had dreams of playing for the LA. Dodgers, but had to pursue other options when he hurt his arm about a year after graduating high school.

He got his big break as an actor when he landed the role of Xander Harris on the hugely successful TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). The series ran from 1997 until 2003, garnering a huge cult following as well as a large fan base for Brendon. Brendon and brother Kelly appeared together in the episode “The Replacement”, in which Xander has to cope with having a seemingly sinister double. His first major role in a feature film came with the Charles Busch satire Psycho Beach Party (2000). Brendon has also starred in the ABC Family Channel original movie Celeste in the City (2004). The following year, he returned to Fox as part of the cast of Kitchen Confidential, based on the book by chef Anthony Bourdain. In 2006, he voiced Huntsboy #89 for season 2 of the animated series American Dragon: Jake Long. That same year, he reunited with his former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star Charisma Carpenter in the ABC Family TV movie Relative Chaos.

From July 26 through August 30, 2006, Brendon co-starred with Noah Wyle in the play ‘Lobster Alice’ at the Blank Theatre Company in Los Angeles. He subsequently appeared in the Blank Theatre’s annual Young Playwrights Festival and its productions of The SantaLand Diaries (Nov 20-Dec 2009) and ‘Why Torture is Wrong’, and ‘The People Who Love Them’.

In 2007, Brendon began appearing on the popular TV series Criminal Minds in the recurring role of FBI technical analyst Kevin Lynch. He appeared in episodes in each season through the tenth season. In September 2010, he premiered his web comic ‘Very Bad Koalas’, co-created with animation director/producer Steve Loter. The comic follows the journey of two sheltered and innocent koalas experiencing a variety of people and places while on the run from the law in a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado. In October 2010, Brendon began a four-episode arc on ABC’s Private Practice playing Lee McHenry, a mentally disturbed man who assaults Charlotte King.

In 2014, he played a pivotal role in Carter Covington’s MTV series Faking It as Jackson Lee, a mentor to Gregg Sulkin‘s character Liam Booker. That same year, Brendon was part of a summit for writers of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ comic books from Dark Horse which included Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and the then-incoming Buffy writer Christos Gage. He is credited with co-writing several issues of the show’s canonical comic book series with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Ten, Vol. 1 (co-authored by Nicholas) reaching the New York Times Best Seller List.

Most recently, Brendon’s movie Redwood won Best Thriller at The National Film Awards UK and he completed filming The Nanny and Dark/Web.

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Glen Cook

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Cook was born in New York City. His love of writing began in grade school, and in high school he wrote the occasional article for his school’s newspaper. After high school, Cook spent time in the United States Navy and later worked his way through college, leaving little time for his writing endeavors. Cook began to write in earnest while working for General Motors at an auto assembly plant in a job which was “hard to learn, but involved almost no mental effort”, writing as many as three books per year. It was during this time that Cook wrote The Black Company, a novel published by Tor Fantasy in May 1984. It inaugurated a gritty fantasy series of the same name (or Chronicles of the Black Company) that follows an elite mercenary unit through several decades of its history. As of 2014, it comprises 10 novels published in three subseries plus recent short fiction. It has become something of a cult classic, especially among current and former members of the military.

Cook is also well known for his Garrett P.I. series, which tells the haphazard adventures of hardboiled detective Garrett, and his Dread Empire series, which highlights Cook’s earlier published work. Cook is currently retired from his job at GM, living with his wife, Carol, in St. Louis, Missouri. Although he can now devote himself full-time to his writing career, he feels he was actually more productive while he was still employed at his old job.

Melissa Gay

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Melissa Gay is a critically-acclaimed, genre-spanning artist of the Imaginative Realism style. Starting her career as a scientific illustrator doing ink drawings for botany manuals, she later used those same skills to do black and white line art for roleplaying games, her true passion. Her award-winning work has since appeared on the covers and interiors of many games, books, magazines, academic publications, and even a tarot deck, while her original paintings are in the hands of private collectors around the world. She loves featuring people of diverse genders, colors, sizes and ages in her illustrations. Whether depicting criminal masterminds, comic book heroes, historical fiction, eldritch horror, child mermaids or sentient bugs, she tries to imbue her scenes or subjects with a sense of dreamlike wonder. She has worked with publishers such as Mythopoeic Press, Llewellyn Worldwide, Hay House, Apex Press, Pelgrane Press, Evil Hat, DOJ, Margaret Weiss Productions, Third Eye Games, Blackwyrm Press, Accessible Games, Immersion Press, Lone Wanderer Productions, and more.

Her game credits include illustrations for the multi-award-winning Dresden Files RPG, HERO 6th edition, Fantasy HERO and its supplement Book of Dragons, Trail of Cthulhu supplements such as Dreamhounds of Paris and Soldiers of Pen and Ink, the Firefly RPG supplement Freedom Flyer, the Crimeworld Fate Core supplement, the ENnie Award nominated Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth, Part-Time Gods and its supplements, Psi-Punk and its supplements, the Dungeon World supplement Plague of Storms, The Algernon Files NPC superheroes sourcebooks by Blackwyrm Press, The Elves of Uteria and its supplements, and Infestation: A Game of Bugs and Heroes. Her speculative fiction book covers include Sara M. Harvey’s Penemue trilogy (Apex Press), and HebrewPunk (Apex Press) and Jesus and the Eightfold Path (Immersion Press edition) for World Fantasy Award winning author Lavie Tidhar. Recently she has branched into children’s illustration with Cathy Coley’s Felix the Comet.

Venus Ann Serena

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Drag Entertainer, VENUS ANN SERENA

Drag Entertainer, VENUS ANN SERENA

Venus is a local entertainer here in Nashville. With seven years of experience under her belt, she is a former Miss Genesis and Miss Calendar Girl of the year. Also a current 1st Alternate to Miss Gay TN UsofA, Venus is competing this May in a national competition for drag. Along with that, Venus has taught panels for crossplay and Para Para dance at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Anime Blues Con, Momocon, and Akaicon for the last six years. She is excited to be at Hypericon for the first time this year and cannot wait to meet and work with new people. If you are in Nashville you can catch her at Play Dance Bar every Monday and Thursday night.

Master of Ceremonies, Big Daddy Cool Johnny Delarocca

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“Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca is a walking talking reminder of a time long past. He is a tough as nails ex-gangster turned entertainer and Chicago night club impresario supreme.

Step back in time to the swing-era, and swing hard, baby! “Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca is the performance persona of award-winning actor, singer and magician John B. Pyka. He is a lifelong comic reader and collector, a Star Wars “freakasaurus”, pro wrestling personality, and movie fanatic, but is best known for his work onstage as a new vintage variety artist, fusing music and magic with comedy and dance in a 1920s – 1940s style in what is described as “Dieselpunk.” He can be seen performing in theaters, at festivals and cons around the country. He has been seen previously as an official guest/performer at Geekonomicon, Midsouth Con, Indy Pop Con, Nashville Comic Festival, River City Comic Expo, Fandom Fest Louisville, GMX and many more!

“Big Daddy Cool” is also the subject of the Dieselpunk pulp adventure series, Tales From the Flip-Side from Pro Se Press and the star of the upcoming web series Big Daddy Cool in the 21st Century! In addition, he is a manager personality with NWA Wrestling and can be heard on the Diesel Powered Podcast, THE Voice of Dieselpunk on iTunes and Stitcher, which consistently is ranked in the top 10 performing arts podcasts!

Hypericon 12 Books Marriott Nashville Airport, Launches Infinity Membership, Infinity League

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It’s big news time here at Hypericon!

The venue for our 2017 event – Hypericon 12 – has been selected! The contract is signed and room bookings have come online.  We will be utilizing the beautiful Marriott Nashville Airport, which includes event space and sleeping rooms which have all seen some amazing updates, on a lovely wooded property with plenty of free parking.

Towering over Nashville’s eastern suburbs is the newly remodeled and stunning Marriott Nashville Airport. An ideal fan-convention hotel, this gorgeous venue features loaded rooms, phenomenal event spaces, a perfect outdoor courtyard for nightlife, relaxing pool deck, and easy access to highways heading in every direction. If you need to find our hotel simply look to the horizon for the Marriott – perched on a hilltop next to Interstate 40 and Briley Parkway.

Some fans in the region are familiar with this venue. It has been the frequent home of the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival, and served as an extended event space for the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention. After our thorough evaluation of the Marriott, we’ve found it to be an ideal fandom convention hotel. We look forward to properly utilizing all the advantages of the venue, and our team has developed a fantastic relationship with the management. There is great excitement within our organization at the notion engaging this fabulous location through the right plans and the right people, along with you – the right fans!

Click here to learn all about the Marriott and book your room today, for our great convention rate of $159! With Nashville hotels often reaching rates of $400/night, we consider this rate to be a refreshing break, and easily affordable with a small group of friends. In fact, a room with four people for two nights costs less than $80 per person.

Our block will fill up fast, so be sure you make your reservation today! You can always make adjustments later, as long as you don’t cancel later than one week out from the convention. (A one-night penalty will then apply.)

Now is the time to make Hypericon a permanent item on your convention calendar with the Infinity Membership!

After 11 years of Nashville’s Convention, we have decided a lifetime membership level should be made available to our extended family. However, the idea of “lifetime” seemed too limited for such a limitless concept as the Hypericon “what if” mantra. We asked ourselves just that: “What if…” What if you could keep your membership forever, passed along to anyone you like? What if they could pass it back, or to someone else?

Many conventions offer a lifetime badge. We wanted to go beyond that – to infinity.

Our Infinity Membership is a fully-transferable, ongoing registration, with premium features such as a laser-etched badge and leather lanyard, special member perks, and various exclusive opportunities. Priced at just $300 for its introduction, this membership will easily pay for itself over the next few years of attendance to Hypericon events.

This year, our awesome new hotel is included in the Infinity fanfare as well! Every night anyone in our room block stays in the Marriott, they will be entered into a drawing for an Infinity Membership. So if you’re coming to Hypericon and stay Friday and Saturday night, that’s two chances to win an Infinity Membership of your own! Stay more nights, and get more chances to win. Best of all, entries are automatically made with your room check-in.

There is one more piece of fantastic news for the new Infinity Membership: the Infinity League. With all the big steps we’re taking this this year, the idea of allowing our fans to invest in the convention was conceived. As this is a fan-run event, the usual boring business investment concepts seemed out of place. Instead, we’re giving fans the gift of infinite membership as a token of our appreciation. Anyone interested in supporting the larger goals of the convention may lend $1000 or more to become part of the Infinity League. Those contributors receive an Infinity Membership as a benefit as well as a premium gift, and are paid back one year after their generous support infusion. The names of these helpful heroes will be listed permanently on a commemorative piece displayed at the convention each year as well as special thank-you spaces online and in print.

More information on the Infinity Membership and the Infinity League will be coming soon to our Registration Page.

2017 Event Dates, Pre-Registration, and Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

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The Hypericon team is still choosing between the four – yes, four – awesome choices for convention hotels bidding to host Hypericon 12 next Summer. One thing we do know is that our dates have been selected and we’re excited to announce that Nashville’s Convention with return on Father’s Day Weekend, June 16-18 2017!

Mark your calendars and invite all your closest friends, and get ready to register, too! We will open our Early Bird registration on Friday, November 25th and for the three days of the holiday weekend, we’ll be offering a discount to those who want to include Hypericon registration in their “Black Friday” shopping! Early Bird registration, normally priced at $25 for all three convention days, will be on sale for just $20 through Sunday the 27th!

After this weekend, Early Bird will remain on sale at full price though December 31st. Beginning on January 1st, 2017, our Advance Registration will begin, at a higher rate. Don’t wait for prices to increase. Grab this very affordable membership rate today, and tell your friends and family to do the same! You won’t find a better value in a full weekend of round-the-clock entertainment – featuring guests, panels, unique events, vendors and exhibits, a fabulous social scene, gaming, contests and so much more!

Registration information and links (once on-sale) are located at our Registration page.

As always, stay tuned in social media and on Hypericon.net for the latest news and announcements, as we put the next exciting year of this amazing by-fans-and-for-fans event together for you!